• “Preston personally enjoys being inventive and willing to challenge the norm, to accept new ideas and try new things for the betterment of the project and improvement of the work environment.”

    -Ray Christianson

    Full Recommendation Letter
  • “Preston has an excellent driving record during his employment.”

    -Hans Abbott

    Full Recommendation Letter
  • Secretary of Defense

    Preston was given the honor of driving for the Secretary of Defense during his commencement 2011 visit.

  • “ Preston has been very dependable and willing to change pace as needed. He has been very willing to work for others when asked, has made himself available over breaks and holidays, and he completes deadlines as assigned.”

    -Hans Abbott

    Full Recommendation Letter
  • Lil' Charles

    The best dog one could ever ask for.   :D

  • “Preston exhibits and exemplifies a high sense of personal trust and honesty, a quality to be admired in selecting any new employee.”

    -Ray Christianson

    Full Recommendation Letter
  • “Preston thrives on goals, accomplishing the work and arriving at conclusions. He accepts assignments well and respects his superiors without discrimination.”

    -Ray Christianson

    Full Recommendation Letter

Software Experience

  • Adobe Dreamweaver (7 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop (7 years)
  • Microsoft Access (4 years)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (12 years)
  • Microsoft Project (2 years)
  • Microsoft Visio (3 years)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (3 years)

Programming Experience

  • HTML/CSS (13 years)
  • PHP (5 years)
  • Visual Basic .NET (3 years)
  • Javascript and JQUERY (3 years)
  • MySQL (5 years)
  • Microsoft SQL (4 years)


Washington State University

Management Information Systems

August 2007 - Present
  • Senior status with 3.25 GPA
  • Accounting, database and information system management, computer software including Microsoft Office and Windows, software and website programming and design
  • Skillpoint training and experience with Windows Active Directory through degree coursework

September 2003 - June 2005
  • Classes on audio and video recording and setup
  • Designed and built audio recording lab
  • Designed school website, setup career center and A/V lab
  • Interned with the Tacoma Art Museum as website designer and administrator

Other Experience

WSU Sports Car Club

Co-Founder and President

June 2009 - Present
  • Founder and President of WSU Sports Car Club
  • Organization of students
  • Scheduling and arranging meetings
  • Excellent people skills
  • Coordinating events

Work Experience


February 2011 - Present
  • Operations, public relations, strategist
  • Work with team to develop web design that met the current industry standards and was tailored to our specific target market
  • Building database optimized for search with over two-hundred thousand lines of data

Washington State University

Fiscal Technician I

August 2010 - Present
  • Operations coordinator for conferences and training sessions
  • Audio/video purchasing, installing, and maintaining
  • Accounting, budget planning, and special equipment purchasing
  • Provide basic IT support for department
  • Analyzing multiple processes and procedures to develop more efficient and improved methods
  • Developed maintenance programs for department vehicles, equipment calibration schedules, and equipment replacement schedules
  • Responsible for coordinating building maintenance with Facility Operations and other projects
  • Assist co-workers with audio, video and other technical support
  • Maintain a large equipment database for department using Access database and AIS PROPERTY
  • Maintain multiple fiscal databases
  • Developed and installed a video conferencing system for department

Cougar Copies

Delivery Driver

June 2008 - August 2010
  • Trusted to work unsupervised and to drive company vehicles
  • Worked with confidential documents
  • Experience with customer relations
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Maintained Cougar Copies' printer locations throughout WSU Campus

Rapid Refill Ink

Store Manager

October 2005 - July 2007
  • Experience with mid-sized professional offices
  • Technical support, customer service, inventory, accounting
  • Filing and database organization
  • Employee management and training

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Athena Lab Technician

June 2004 - September 2005 (Summers)
  • Managed computer labs, including troubleshooting and debugging, for 20 labs consisting of 286 Linux, 21 Mac, 49 Windows computers, and 33 printers
  • Co-managed laptop distribution program including maintaining and installing hardware and software on approximately 300 laptops for student use
  • Ghosting, formatting, and deploying computers
  • Worked with student and maintenance databases
  • Responsible for responding to and resolving issues in numerous private computer labs and technical classrooms of all sizes
  • Received and maintained inventory of laptop and desktop computers and spare parts for performing repairs